Mexico Gift Ideas

In this Article I will give you some unique and some common Mexico gift ideas. There are to many great gifts to bring back from your trip to Mexico that I can not possibly list them all. There are some things you should know before making your purchase.

Knowing What You Can Bring Back

Other things to keep in mind is

  • Agricultural products are not usually allowed or atleast can cause entry troubles
  • Fish and wildlife are heavily restricted.  There must be documentation to bring it back, in most cases it isn’t worth it. Also any products like natrural remedies of herbs
  • Any products like herbs or natrural medicines.  These also need ingredient documentation to ensure it does not contain anything on the protected species list
  • Wooden art work. If it is in the raw wood state, that will also need to be tested and a certificate stating it is insect free.
  • Plants and seeds you may need to have permits to bring back with you.
  • Items made in restricted countries (Cuba) are not typically allowed.
  • No cultural artifacts are allowed
  • Alcohol is allow in most cases but you are only allowed a certain amount per person
  • Most clothing, ceramics, metal art, jewerly is allowed. If your purchase exceed the allowable cost limit, you may be subject to a duty tax.

I am just touching on a few restrictions and if your not sure, check out the U.S. Costums and Board protectect web site for a full list.

I do not want to see any one get introuble because having your purchased items confiscated is no fun, along with the delay getting out of the airport and the long list of questions they will have for you.

Hopefully I have helped you with being aware with some of the items that are not allowed and some of the items not allowed.

Now for some Ideas:

Clothing and other Fabrics

Hand made ClothesEveryone knows that clothing is the number one souviner to purchase.  I can not tell you how many T shirts I have bought for people during my travels. It is a no brainer, not to mention easlie packed and light wieght.

What I found though in Mexico also in many other places, the hand made apperal is the best and most unique.

Many of these item can be found in the street markets, purchasing these there also helps the local people, but sizes can vary vary. when making your decision make sure it will fit also most of the handmade clothing  are made with natural materials, such as cotton and wool.  These will shrink in the wash because they are not usually prewashed.

Blankets and table cloths are also commonly found at the markets.  The blankets are normally made orf wool and can itch alittle when you curl up with them on a cool night, but they are defineltly warmHande-made table cloth

Table cloths are some of the most beautiful handmade cloth items.  They can be very colorful adding a beuatiful and bright area to your home.  If you are deciding on one, make sure it will fit what ever table you want to put it on, they come in some very large sizes.

Rugs are another good option, Handmade rugs can be quite expensive and you may want to have them shipped home because they are typically large.  Shipping can be quite expensinve and you may have to pay a duty on them depending on the price you paid for one, so keep that in mind if you have your mind on one of these.

The Small Items

Hand Crafted dollsThe little items has to be on this list, Who doesn’t like to purchase little gifts for friends and family even for yoursef.  They are most always a cheaper idea and easily to packed in you luggage or carry on.

There are literally countless amountsof differnt little gifts from hand made to full production idems and many different materials that they are made out of.

Nick nacks can be quite literally found eveywhere in Mexico City.  I like to purchase most of these on the little street vendors as they are usually even more cheaper than at the normal stores or airports.

I do not think a person can walk a hundred yards in the tourist areas of Mexico without finding them,so happy shopping.

Porclean/ Ceramics

Some of the most beautiful items that can be purchased as a gift in Mexico has to be Porclean and ceramic items.  The dinner wear and vases are very unique and typically hand painted.  the mossiac design patterns are so unusual and colorful.  When I think of Iconic Mexico or Latin America goods, the first thing I think of is mossiac designs of the tile and dinner ware.

Ceramics and Porclean purchases can be quite expensive depending on the quality and craftmanship as they should be.

They can be a nightmare to bring back with you because they are more fregile and heavier than common items, so shipping them may be a good option if there are quite a few pieces.

A quick story,  The first time I went to meet my wifes parents while we were in a very ling distance relationship, I imagined the inside of there house was tiled with mossiacs and the dishes where the same.  Imagine how surprised and kind of disapointed I was when I walked in and didn;t see any.  It pretty much looked like what we have in the States.  What they do not have in what we think as  traditional decor, it was still full of culture and the smells of traditional food.  That makes up for the lacking  traditional decor.

Content goes here.

Copper and Tin products

Handmade copper appleHandmade copper and tin products are usually found at the larger markets and cost alittle more because of the craftmansfhip and the materials used,  but are very worth it.

My wife and I have found so many shapes and functions of the copper and tin pieces that we have a hard time choosing. Every one of then are unique and quite well done.  We found every thing from candle holders the lighting fixtures made of both these materials.

The People that make these are some of the most skilled and artistic people around.

Some of my favorites are the cabinets or display cases. They are very expensive and even more difficult to bring back safely, so it might be advised to stick to the smaller items.  Pack them well, weather your shipping or carring them back, typically they get damaged easily.

They make a great gift because of the uniqueness similar to the ceramics.


Food and gift vendors in Coyacan MX In conclusion Mexico gift ideas are endless.  Anyone can find anything anytime.  Just remember the street vendors will probably be cheaper and you will be helping the citizens much more than buying from retailers, but the vendors more than likely do not take credit cards and that is the only down fall. Vendors Coyacan MX Mexico City Vendors