Must do in Mexico City

This is my first ever article, so if you could bear with me. I am sure I will get better at this as I go. I am absolutely passionate about this city, I can only hope that with some this article and others, you will want to visit this wonderful city.

During all my visits to Mexico and Mexico City I found there are so many places to visit and eat, that it is difficult to list them all in one article. So I am going to start with my top five of must do in Mexico City.

These places are generally for people that are traveling there for the first time. In later articles for Mexio City I will write about some places that are not as popular, but just as interesting and beautiful.

Mexico City is one of the most cultural rich places that I have ever traveled to. A person will see everything from, Indigenous to Spanish cultures along with many others. This is truly an interesting place. All these different cultures that meld together makes the City modern and ancient at the same time.

The architecture is simply beautiful. The buildings in the city center are centuries old, that will make your head turn in all directions. The buildings on Reforma Ave are new but just as beautiful. This street also has a lot of incredible statues and monuments. Reforma Ave is the host of most of the hotels in the city and for very good reason (the view).

The City also has so much ancient structures, like the pyramid that they discover buried under the cathedral in the city square. There are quite a few other pyramids around the city also That are not on this list but will be on future places that I will be writing about.

So now I will give you my top five of must do in Mexico city.

Reforma Ave

Reforma Ave has just about everything a modern city has. It has tall buildings, beautiful landscaping, shopping, restaurants and of course hotels.

The building architects have built some unique buildings and still constructing them. You will find yourself looking up a lot and every time you do, you will find your self discovering something new about them

There are tons of statues to see and the most important statue is the Independence angel. It is located pretty much right in the middle of the avenue and can be seen from just about every angle. A person visiting should visit the base of the angel, there you will find the four basics of government (I will not tell you because you need to see for yourself). You will also find an ancient vase on display for Mexico s heritage. At night is the most spectacular view as it is wonderfully lit up showing the beauty of it.

Reforma area is also the location of some worlds embassies. Anyone travels anywhere outside of their countries should really know where there home countries embassies are located in case you need it.

Walking along the Avenue you will find wonderful and interesting monuments. Between the buildings, statues and monuments make this street a must see.

There also is a very nice mall near the Independence angel that you can go visit and do some shopping

If you are planning to visit Reforma, I recommend having a coffee at Cielito Querido Cafe, it is best to sit outside, relax and do some people watching.



What can I say about this zone, beside unbelievable. This area is completely full of things to do, eat, see and visit.

Palacio de Bellas ArtesOn your way to Zocalo, the Fine Arts building should be the first stop. The building and grounds around it are all made of marble. The dome is golden the glows at night. There is a park (Alameda) next to it that allows you to sit and relax before the long day of walking around.

After visiting the Fine Arts build, it is a short walk to central square (Zocalo). Along the way you will find a lot of shops and food. Many of the streets in this area are for pedestrians only. People will probably hand you menus and try to entice you to eat at their restaurants, be careful this alone can make you gain a little weight. Take note of all the old architecture around this area, you never know what you will see or find along the way. Sometimes they will have art of display in some court yards that are usually free to look at, and there are a number of museums to explore. There is something for everyone in this area.

Zocalo cathedralWhen you finally arrive at the square, it is truly a sight to see. The Cathedral and government buildings surrounding the square. All of which are stunning. The Cathedral itself you should visit and it is great place to take your selfies. Beside the cathedral there is an archaeology dig called Templo Mayor that you can take a tour of. The Spanish built the cathedral on top of the pyramid as they did at many other locations throughout Mexico.


 Sanborns AzulejosAs for an eating tip: I would recommend Sanborns, It is well-known by the local as Sanborns de Los Azulejos it translates to Sanborns of Tiles, this is because the outside of the building is covered in blue tiles. Once inside it is spectacular. Its like eating in a castle courtyard. Take a walk to the second floor to get the complete view, it will not disappoint you. The food decent and the menu is what you expect from a Denny s in the United States, the view makes is what makes it a must go. There is another restaurant I recommend for the sightseer on the go and that is Bisquets Obregon the food here is delicious.


Coyocan, what can I say about this town that does it justice. It is a very old town that still has some narrow cobblestone streets (to be fair there are quite of few towns surrounding Mexico City that still have these), old structures and a good size central park to sit in and enjoy and ice cream while resting your feet. Unlike Reforma and Central Square, Coyocan is more laid back and peaceful. A person is able to slow down and just walk while visiting some shops and watching the local artists in the park .

This is one town I enjoy going to, to relax and get away from the hustle of the city. I would recommend going here in the middle of your visit to Mexico city, just to re boot your brain and relax.

Like everywhere here, there are always plenty of places to eat. I would normally recommend a good place, but I have eaten at so many that are good, I can not pick just one. So do what we do, find one that is not so busy, sit down and enjoy, you can’t go wrong.


Chapultepec Park

Now that you relaxed in Coyocan for a day. It is time to tackle Chaputepec. This is a very large park near the end of Reforma Ave. Like the Central Square there is plenty to keep you busy for a few days. I will only touch on a few must do’s.

Chapultepec CastleYou must stop to visit the Castle. It is Spanish built with a very long history. The inside is very well-preserved the rooms to the gardens. The walkways around the castle gives you incredible views of the city. You can see straight down Reforma with the angel capping it all off.

National Museum of Anthropology is a must, go and see. This museum alone could take a person a week to see everything, so I recommend touring the Aztec and Mayan areas first. Inside you will find the famous Mayan calendar front and center.

The way the curators have set the displays is excellent. The artifacts are not over crowded and most of the descriptions are in Spanish and English (which I was so grateful for, as my Spanish is virtually nothing). Like I wrote prior, I could write for ever, but I need to keep this moving before you get to bored.

The park also has nicely kept and quiet paved trails to explore. There is a pond that you can rent some paddle boats if you would like, there is also a water park inside of it. Unfortunately I have not visited that yet. There is just so much to see, that I have not got there yet. When I do, I will let everyone know.

Enjoy the street vendors along the way and some surprise things you will discover along the way. I purposely did not write about, so you can discover them for yourselves. I find discovering things on my own so much more enjoyable. I will give you a hint: watch for where the crowds are standing in the park areas because you never know what you will find.

  • I would like to share, not that its bad but it can be unexpected in an emergency. The public bathrooms inside the park are pay bathrooms (typical thing throughout the city). It is best to take full advantage of the museum for this as well.



Last but certainly not least. Although this is not actually in the city and you really want to take a tour bus to get to it, I put it on the list of must do in Mexico City for a reason. It is on here because it is reletively close about an hour away and most importantly it is absolutely without a doubt one the most awesome places I have seen. If I can give one piece of advice when you are ready to go to Teotihuacan, wear comfortable shoes, you will need them .

The Pyramid of the Moon stairs are much steeper and each stair is higher than the other one you just climbed. Once on top, the view is spectacular. Be careful when your ready to leave. The stairs seem to disappear as you look down but I assure you they are there. The first step Is kind of like a leap of faith. Once down take a walk around the rest of the site where you discover and learn many things. On you journey you may find a pyramid with snake heads on it (I hope you do). Although you can not climb this one, it is equally impressive and it will make you want to sit and look at all the details for a while, this is also a great place to sit and relax for a moment before making your way back down.

I have no doubt your legs will be tired at this point and you have spent the entire day there already. Maybe you should go to Coyocan after you go to the Pyramids to relax and recover.

Depending on the tour you are on there are a few restaurants nearby to rest and eat. If you do stop to eat near the Pyramids and your of age, try the pulque (traditional Mexican drink).

Now that I have shared with you just some high points of Mexico City. I hope you will be more interested in visiting. I am not from there, but I travel to Mexico City every chance I get and every time I discover more things to do and see. It is unlike any other city I have been too. Yes it can be crowded. Yes the traffic is very bad (take an uber or a tour company) and like any other cities in the world you need to be aware of your surroundings. If you do that your stay will be very enjoyable I have found the people are usually very friendly and the culture is second to none.

Enjoy the street vendors, little markets and of course the street food. I want to give you some advice I have learned everywhere I traveled to about the street food, If you see a crowd of locals at a food vendor, then more then likely it is safe to eat and delicious.

Last but not least, go to a Nutristra and have some frozen yogurt to end the day properly. There are locations all over the city.

In later articles I will be writing about other things to do and see that are not frequently visited places in and around Mexico City, that are just as beautiful and exciting.