What to wear in Mexico City.

The question I get a lot is, what to wear in Mexico City. In this article, I will be making some suggestions on what you may want to bring and wear, also some items you can leave behind.

Mexico City tends to have a quite comfortable climate. The Spring and summer months are usually in the mid to upper 70s during the day. The Fall and Winter it is in the 60s and lower 70s. Temperature change during the seasons are not usually extreme, but at night the temps can get into the 40s, this makes packing a little more involved.

The summer months although warmer, it is also the wet season. Rain in the summer happens almost every night, usually between 4 and 6pm, so you must plan accordingly during the wet season.

Packing for Spring and Summer

Packing for the Spring and Summer months is a little easier. First thing to remember is it can still be cool in the mornings so packing light jackets and vents is almost an essential, but keep them light because in the afternoon you will want to remove them.

Rain jackets and/or umbrellas are a must to pack, also spring and summer are the wet season. When it rains, it comes down very hard do to the monsoons. Rain usually starts around 4 and ends around six. So don’t be fooled by the sunny skies in the morning and early afternoon. My suggestion is always be prepared.

Shorts are always a good thing to bring as long as you understand it may be a little cool to start the day. In the evenings I would change into pants

Sweaters or sweatshirts are always a great alternative to wear instead of jackets. I tend to pack all the above because there are times I do not know exactly what I will be doing in the evening.

Definitely bring comfortable walking shoes and sneakers. Most of the things you will be doing is walking and some times on uneven ground, such as stone or brick walkways.

Bringing a hat of some sorts is a good idea. The sun is pretty intense all year in Mexico City, but especially in the summer months. It may not be 100 degrees but the sun will burn you like it was. Maybe partially do to the pollution in the air. Which brings me to the next thing, If you have allergies you may want to bring allergy medicine, the combination of pollution, dust and plants can wreak havoc on them. I know at times it does me.

When traveling, to Mexico City you will always need sunscreen. Take it from someone who is very light skinned and constantly burns. My wife is always lecturing me about sunscreen ( I can be a bit stubborn about that). So trust me on this one. If you do forget it of find out being stubborn wasn’t the best thing, you can always get it at a local Walmart or Pharmacy,

Be Always mindful of biting insects anywhere in Mexico, so bringing bug spray can’t hurt. Not everywhere you go in the city will have problems with insects, but if you do go somewhere like Chapultepec or some of the pyramids around the city, you may and they can be quite aggressive.

No matter the season bring a backpack. You can carry all the essentials also it is a good place to put your small gifts to keep your hands free.

That about covers what to wear in Mexico City during the spring and summer months.

Packing for Fall and Winter

Packing for Fall and Winter months is essentially the same as packing for summer months with so minor changes. Your first thing should be a slightly heavier jacket and/or sweatshirt for the morning and evenings. The mornings can get into the upper 30s and even the lower 30s on occasion. The afternoon are typically in the upper 60s and lower 70s, so packing a little warmer clothes is essential in these months.

Winter is the drier months, so there isn’t as much need to use an umbrella, although being prepared is always good. The insects are not usually to bad either in the parks.

Pants will be the primarily what you will probably be wearing most. Being from Western New York and used to the cold, I found with the dryer air, the mornings are still chilly and found shorts were not as comfortable. If you happen to be near your place of stay you always can return and change in or out of shorts, but that takes time out of your day to do that.

Sunscreen is still good to have. Like I stated prior, the sun is more intense for one reason or another. I just came back from DF (Mexico City) and my face was burnt and my wife was lecturing me about the risks and discomfort I was feeling.

Again comfortable shoes is a must. You probably will not need sandals although some people have different opinions. If you do bring them beware, your feet may get cold. Outside of the hotels all the floors are concrete with tiles and they retain the cold longer.

If you happen to be there during a cold streak, light gloves or mittens may help if your hand get cold easily, although I find them to warm, but I know some people down there wear them in the morning. Very rarely have I ever thought I could have used them and then again I just put my hands in my jacket pockets and was just fine.

Besides the common bathroom items you need on every vacation of trip that is about all you will need to survive the temperatures.

Things to leave at home

I put this section in this post mainly because of where you are. Although Mexico City is fairly safe, you are in a very large city and in a different country as your own there are some things to consider leaving behind.

1. Expensive jewelry can be left at home, including watches. Expensive jewelry can make you a target of theft, whether it is in your hotel of worse on the street. You will not typically find the authorities helpful or even willing to help in some cases. So the best way to protect yourself and your belongings is to leave them at home.

2. Do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Most decent hotels have safes in the rooms. Utilize it. When you do carry cash on you and you are traveling with your significant other, split the money up. When buying something never pull all your cash out at once, that makes you a real target for theft.

3. Bank Cards. Unless this is the only form of credit card you have, I would leave it at home. Identity theft is real and you could find yourself in a bad situation.

4. Electronic Cigarettes. I am putting this in here because I used to use them. E-cigs are illegal in Mexico and you may have them confiscated or fined. I know people still bring them with them but it is slightly risky. Normally the authorities will ignore them, but if you use them in public, then it could be problem. Best to just get a patch and wear that instead. If you run out of E-juice, good luck finding more. You may find yourself going through withdraws, but no fear the pharmacies have patches, you will just have to ask for them.

That’s about all for the Items you should leave home. Remember you are in a country that is operated differently. Generally the people are very friendly, but as with any large city your do have some bad seeds.

Now that I have pretty much gone over what to wear in Mexico City, enjoy your trip, as I know for certain you will.

One more thing that I almost forgot. If you use prescription medication, as I do, Always pack them using you original bottles and always carry them with you in your carry-on luggage.

If you have any questions about this post or items that should be added feel free to contact me.